How to Watch El Clasico Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Stream

The world best teams are set to ready the fire on 3rd December 2016. Here we provide El Clasico Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Stream TV Channels List world wide. Both teams have in great form now lets see who gonna win this time. The live Stream link will b provide you to the game day.

El Clasico Barcelona vs Real Madrid Live Stream

TV Channels World Wide

    • – ESPN Sports
    • – Star Sports
    • – beIN Sports
    • – Fox Sports
    • – BT Sports
    • – Euro Sports
    • – Sky Sports

El Clasico Background

El Clasico have very interesting history on its back. The Clash between both Barcelona vs Real Madrid Starts on 1980s. Because both teams have great players on that’s time and more over their establishment hate each other as we see when their are two businessman on the one platform they try to smash each other to stand on the victory stand the same aggression we can feel among both teams and this aggression is still existing on both teams. According to polls Released by CIS (Centro de Investigation Sociological) Real Madrid is favorite teams most of the Spanish Residents.and Barcelona stands on second position.The vote of all young girls and boys from Spain goes to Real Madrid.On 1943 Copa dell Generlisimo 13 June 1943 Real Madrid Beat Barcelona 11-1 and create history.

After that Copa dell Ray have been Removed in the honor of General Franco in this first leg match Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-0 in the home ground of Barcelona. After this match Barcelona fans were banned to travel Madrid (1985-1995) the message got through that those fans who wanted to could go to El Club bar on Calle de la Victoria where Madrid’s social center was. On the second leg of that match Barcelona were insulted and throw stone on their buss when they are leaving hotel.Real Madrid win this match by8-0. Their are many controversies between the supporters they throw bottles after the match in 1965 when Barcelona beat Real Madrid 1-0. Before El Clasico take place in La Liga when both teams reach on the final stage the winning loser team give Guard of honor to the Winner team.First El Clasico took place on 30 April 1988.

Where Real Madrid win the champions league on the previous Round. After that Three Years later Barcelona Won the Championship two round before El Clasico on 8 June 1991. After that both two teams met on Championship league 7 May 2002. And this time Real Madrid won the Champion league. After that Real Madrid and Barcelona met again 2002 Champion league Final first match win by Real Madrid 2-0 and second match was drawn by 1-1. El Clasico is regarded as one of the fiercest rivalries in world football, in 2007 survey by CIS 32% Spanish people support Real Madrid and 25% people support Barcelona. In the last El clasico 2016 Barcelona have taking lead on Real Madrid.Now its time to show the aggression For Real Madrid to Barcelona in Camp Nou Barcelona.

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